Christmas shopping fever

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree and cities, a men dressed as Santa Claus, „Kevin alone at Home” – which everyone already saw, a songs like „ All I want for Christmas is you..” which we can hear in gallery center, and an old men who looks like a Santa Claus decorate a bottle of coca-cola. What is that for? Yes..Christmas is coming…

Christmas time is a beautiful and expected period in our life. We want to spend Christmas quietly and with our family. But in the other hand, it’s stressful time as well. We want to prepared everything the best as we can. We make often an unsuccessful decision. We buy a lot of unnecessary things and gifts. Let me think, what for we spend money..Is it because of beautiful packing? Interesting windows shop? Or it’s just a “SALE”?

There are lot of shops nowadays, and we don’t know which one to choose… we visit all of them. Firstly we decide to buy gloves and then, in another shop, we pick up another gloves, just because they are cheaper!

In Munster (Germany) beside of Christmas shopping fever, there are Christmas fair called Weihnachtsmarkt. There are wonderful and they create a great atmosphere. There are Christmas fair in Poland as well. They must be attractive for people to sell as many things as they can. In the Christmas Fair we can buy everything – a sausages, mulled wine, leathers carped, gloves, sweets and toys. Have you ever gone to Christmas fair and haven’t bought anything? I don’t think so! Sometimes we just can’t resist to do shopping, even if we don’t have sensible reasons to do it I’m one of this person, who can’t stay away from Christmas shopping fever.

What about sale? We all know that it’s kind of fake . Beware of people trying to cheat on you! So maybe this year, before you go to do Christmas shopping, think all over your decisions to avoid wasted money after all. Don’t get crazy because of shopping fever!

In the end, you need to remember, Christmas isn’t all about shopping. It’s magical time, and the most important thing is to spend them with family and friends.


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