Extended training of lecturers on the topic of bullying

From 22nd to 24th November 2013, additional training of lecturers took place in Prague at Prokopka Hotel. This training was realized in order to learn the lecturers how to work on the above-mentioned topics with children at primary school in the age of 6 and 7 years. And the second aim was to learn more information about project topics.

The program started on Friday at 15:30, when the participants met in the conference room at Prokopka. Together they visited The Safety Line, where they talked about the aim and main activities of The Safety Line.

Linka-bezpeci-1Friday programme continued by a collective watching of the american thriller Interrupted Silence. The film dealt with the topic of cyberbullying as the main character commited suicide because of her naked photo which was sent via mobile phone among schoolmates. The film was very impressive and made everyone to think about the consequences of rash actions. Having watched the film, the participants discussed it a little bit with organisers of the project. Then the majority of participants went to sleep because Saturday was the main day.

Saturday started at 9:30 AM, when special training about safety on social networks was held in the conference room. The participants were informed about potential dangers on the Internet by Roman Máca from National Center For Safer Internet. During this training, they were talking about the different forms of dangers of the Internet and watched videos connected with bullying. The discussion took nearly three hours and after its end, the participants went for a lunch to a restaurant near hotel. Afternoon continued with organizational meeting with the leaders of the project. They gave information how to lead the workshops with children at primary schools. Three topics were divided among the participants: Bullying, Cyberbullying and Convention On The Rights Of The Child. The participants had some time for preparation and then they presented their topics, as if they were at some primary school. The last point of the program before dinner was making up of an audiovisual document, which should present the topic of bullying. The participants were divided in two groups and worked on two different types of documents: one group tried to invent how to motivate stars to be interested on these topics and the second group works on the topic of defence. After a long preparation, the both groups presented their ideas and finally, the topic of bullying where a famous personality should figure was chosen so as to be realized. Preparing of the topic of an audiovisual document lasted till the meaning, so just after having finished it, the participants went for a dinner. The evening was crowned by a bowling tournament.


Sunday morning was dedicated to an invention of the main story of the audiovisual document. After a long exchange of opinions, the story was written down: a girl commits suicide in the beginning of the film. Later the spectator finds out that the girl succeeded in a reality show in singing and looses her friends. The participants of the project figured out that a famous singer should appear in the document and talk about the fame and its negative sides.

Before noon, when the document was invented, the participants said goodbye to each other and travelled back home.


Kateřina Vojtěchová

lecture in Zlínský region


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