What is the most appropriate job for me?

This is one of the most important questions that every young person faces to while thinking about his/her future. The answer is difficult and sometimes wrong. The statistics show the tendency that many young Europeans are not satisfied with their jobs. Why does this happen? Some blame the education system, others – the economy situation and thirds – the employers.

Probably this happens because when you are young you are not always aware of the opportunities you have or maybe sometimes even if you know your opportunities you don’t understand them right. That’s why during the last few years career orientation becomes more and more important for the young people. A career guide is a person who can help you in lining your goals and direct you how to achieve them.  When you graduate school  you should decide if you want  to study or work or travel –  where, when or what?  These many questions require many answers. You take the decisions by yourself but they are influenced by parents, teachers, friends etc. so sometimes it turns out that they are not the best for you. Here comes the role of the career guide – a professional who uses psychological and social competence to orientate you. Nowadays everything is changing so fast so you have to be flexible, to speak different languages and initiative because professions are changing all the time and you should have huge variety of skills in order to be adaptable. So be active and keep on searching the best job for you!

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