Discrimination in youth sphere

Have you ever thought about the equality of the different social groups?

Many youth people are deprived of the opportunity to take part in the economic, social and cultural life of the society. Why? Just because they are different  from the majority of youth at the universities, NGOs, youth organisa­tions and ect.

They are discriminated because they have ethnical, religious, sexual or physical differences .But first of all we shouldn’t  forget that they are also young people who need their voice to be heard. Probably they even need it more?

The key is communication! Communication should be open and responsible. We need to talk about the discrimination and to become aware of the problem.  Everybody deserves  freedom, respect, non-discrimination, justice, responsibility and tolerance. Human rights can be understond as those basic standards which are necessary for a life of dignity and the fact that all humans are equal.

These basic human rights should be realized and promoted by everyone.

That’s why we need to start a process of sharpening the sensitivity of our society . We should also work for equality between the people and tolerance between the different cultures. People often hate or fear what they don’t know or understand. The easiest way to avoid this is knowledge.

The integration of people with different types of disabilities also should be considered. For example many universities don’t have accessible materials and facilitations for the people with disabilities, as well as help for those who has hearing or vision problems.  The social inclusion is very important for these people.

It’s also problem that the NGOs and youth organizations are working FOR but not WITH the people who are discriminated. And it’s a kind of discrimination, too. There are a lot of organizations for roma integration but roma people participate only in their projects not in the organization itself. They should be part of the whole process.

Have you ever thought about these people? Maybe you should because they need your help!