Syrians calling for help

Can you imagine what it is to feel scared in our own home? Do you know the feeling of wanting to escape from your own country in order to save your children’s life? It’s hard to imagine but it happens to thousands of Syrians refugees. Every single day many people escape from Syria searching for security. Many mothers and their children seek refugee in Europe. They pay to Turkish trafficants to bring them to Bulgarian borders. This costs them a lot of money and puts at risk their lives. But what happens when they come in Bulgaria?

They found themselves in a situation of waiting for permissions for months in refugee camps where the conditions of life are risky miserable. In those camps they don’t have enough food, clothes, medicines. There is not even enough space for all the people so some of them sleep outside in tents on freezing temperatures and others are sheltered in overcrowded buildings – therefore comes the problem with the hygiene and epidemics.

On the other hand it appears a problem with the local people. Some of them share xenophobic attitude and behave aggressively. Others are protesting against creating more refugee camps even if it’s obviously necessarily.
There are some people, of course, who try to help by donating supplies of first need. But the number of the Syrians is rising and this help is far not enough.

The question is why has this happened? Why were we unprepared for this situation? The war in Syria started two years ago so it was expected to have a lot of refugees coming to Europe. The way to Europe goes trough Bulgaria. So why in such an expectable situation Bulgaria and Europe find themselves so unprepared?

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