My Hometown – Võru

Well, before you can hear about my hometown, try to pronounce it. 

It is pretty tough, I know. Only real Estonian will cope with it. So take your time and visit Võru.

The town is located in south-eastern Estonia. With its 13 000 inhabitatnts it is the 10th biggest town of the country. Võru was founded in 1784 according to the wish of Catherine II.

If I should say out why I love the place then probably because it is the most beautiful area in the world. Võru is surrounded by lakes, forests, small hills, animals. At some point it might happen that you have to run from a bear. But its ok, don’t worry too much about it. A few years back a friend from Germany, Danny, visited me. I will show you some pictures.


When sometimes it is hard to find motivation, in Võru the motivation might find you. (The photo was not taken in Võru and the guy is not Danny)417616_341216672568192_1275448491_nIn winter we usually like girls and go ice-fishing, in summer it is difficult with the last part. (Poor German, even Estonians do not go fishing when it is -30 degrees)
We like visiting the pubs very much.420968_341215755901617_734108422_nBut don’t catch a cold when going home. (It was -40 with wind chill, we did not want to take a taxy. So we decided to walk 6km that night)180868_186406554715872_6647435_nSo Danny tried skiing aswell. (The real skiing not the downhill stuff. This is the place where I spend my free time in Võru)179810_186407161382478_1566712_nWhen you climb a little higher.180684_187084281314766_650999_nYour mom might see you. Nooot! (You can see Latvia from here)179086_186406681382526_7259024_nBefore going home.251133_217795641576963_5736144_nAnd here you can see it is summer again…8887495801_5ea914bb51_bSo you better not come here.


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