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The international study group with the project managers René Alexander Kaiser (l.) und Laura Schlensak (r.) aims for a common European vision.

Ever since early 2015, the world has continuously heard the term „refugee crisis” – in the beginning, as a new subject on the news – now, everyday as a reality. The amplitude that this crisis has taken has been felt all around the globe with echoes vibrating from each corner of the earth. This new reality we have to adapt to has taken its toll over Europe, disrupting and questioning the stability of an „unbreakable” alliance. Sides have been created, sides have been chosen. Even though a lot has to be taken into account, in the end, all we should care about is creating a common, secure future for our and for the next generations; in the end, we are all the same.

Who are we? We are the voice of our generation and a small force that will try to raise more awareness over this delicate subject from a multicultural, objective perspective. We all come from different backgrounds, we all look different, we have different opinions and different traditions – but we all want the same: to speak with one voice and to create a virtual space where people can get an insight of our journey to find a common vision for Europe in the time of escape, migration and intigration.

Our team consists of 6 students (Westfallische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen) from Germany, Malta, Romania and the USA . Our combined work will allow our readers to get an international persepctive of this subject. Our job will not only be based on informing our audience of the current situation, but also finding a viable solution to today’s realities. By the end of our project, all of us will hopefully be able to look at the past and see that our impact has planted a perspective for Europe that has changed into a mission.

We have prepared a strategy to reach out to as many young people as we can – through social media and online content: articles, podcasts, short videos, interviews with experts and other students. We are planning to include information that will reflect our own countrie’s views on the matter and that can be turned into a single, global voice. We will try to emphasize our qualities as humans and we will appeal to our solidarity – as humans, as friends, as children,mothers or fathers. With these in mind, we all hope that we will come to a solution in the near future, one that could create one of the most desired things of all: peace. A multicultural, yet structured world where our identities would not generate flaws or disruptions in the system, but eternally enhancing it to a superior state.

Written by Alexandra

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