Strange World We Live in

– Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America (1933-1945)

Immigration is part of history. This process has been ongoing during the whole journey of man-kind. The reasons for these people to immigrate include both positive and negative factors, such as immigrating in order to reunite with their families or even due to negative aspects such as the hope of having a better quality of life due to the miserable conditions that they live in. But the current major reason immigration is happening are the civil wars taking place in their native countries. This is pressuring people to get out of their location and go to the closest and most logical thought of place – for them is moving to Europe. This problem has risen since the mid-2000’s with massive amounts being fostered by Italy and Greece or even small islands such as Malta and Lampedusa. Several years later Europe has finally reached its breaking point.

The countries who are large contributors for this problem include the following Syria, Libya and Egypt. The conflict has not stopped since the start of the “Arab Spring” where people took to the streets and fought for revolution in their own country. After that the leaders stepped down or even were killed, life was thought to go on in a normal way and even made it a better country to live in driven by rich resources such as oil and fuel which would give them a greater economic boost.

Instead rebel groups within the same populations combined their forces and are now seeking destruction and bloodshed whilst giving clear warnings to the European continent by the disasters that happened in Paris lately. There are differences from the state that countries were just before this events took place. Those who have gone through these events know what they have to fight for better, secure and prosperous lives for their families and for themselves.

This leads to questions like if this is the world that we want to live in? How can we create a peaceful place for our future generations? But first: Why doesn’t Europe take action and devises a plan to improve the current dreadful situation? Will Europe still accept all the refugees coming from these countries or will they ignore the problem and cause greater risk to their security?

On the other hand the questions raised by immigrants should include how to integrate into the society of their new country. In this way they could prove doubters wrong. Obviously European citizens have to accept immediately the new reality and at the same time they have to build up the concept of solidarity which is fully supported by the European Union and its fellow members. It’s not easy for everybody, however from the early stages of humanity we have been taught how to adapt to different scenarios. This needs to occur again. In taking part in the discussion we have the choice to influence the future. Don’t let things just happen, be part of the European future.

Written by Jean

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