The European Market

Europe is still confronted with the refugee crisis, but there might have been a little change regarding the distribution of migrants. There had been a big argument between Western and Eastern Europe, because the East refused the arrangement of splitting the refugees all over the European countries. “Only” 120.000 are concerned and can’t be sure about their stay in Europe, in comparison: Germany already offered asylum to more than 600.000 people in 2015. But still, in the last couple of weeks the governments were bargaining and haggling. But isn’t there the central question about solidarity throughout the members of the European Union? The main burden has only been carried by a few like Italy and Greece, Germany and especially Hungary.

Regarding the disastrous situation at the Balkan States one major problem has risen: Ten thousands of refugees are pushed around without any destination, if possible towards the North in the direction of Austria and Germany whilst the Hungarian prime minister closes his borders. Hungary isn’t capable to deal with the huge amount of new people who look for help and shelter. And at the same time this country doesn’t have the capacities to take care of all. Because when they agree to give support, they want to do it in the right way, who wouldn`t? So what to do in times when on the one side half of the countries can’t take any responsibility anymore and the others don’t want to?

Again we are at the same point as before: The European citizens bundle up their strength, they fight for the rights of refugees, provide them with food and clothes, but without a political solution, it will absorb the power of everybody involved at the expense of the refugees and the inhabitants.

But this is no market place where you could even think of bargaining, trading and haggling. This is the decision over more than millions of lives. In order to make it work we have to gather the European power . It is necessary to have one solution, a common future. There is the Union for a reason, we should use it for a common reason, Europe.

Written by Laura

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