The Refugee Bazaar

In between the small allies the curious onlooker pack down. They came from all over the continent to catch a massive bargain – to demonstrate the other mighty rulers that they are the most powerful. The sales booths are decorated in the most beautiful colors that a sales booth only may look like in your wildest dreams. The presented shimmering goods put a long journey to be part of this extraordinary spectacle.

Spectacle is an extenuated description for the atmosphere down there in between the small allies. What is happening there is the atmosphere of departure during a search inside hopes and fears during the mighty rulers’ smelling to avoid the right decision in the midst of thousands of spices.
The spices all are unique; every gain is individual.

All of the hundreds of mighty rulers know that they cannot put the sum of gains into one bag and shake – it might be the easiest way to delete all the spice gains’ individuality with the objective to determine their fortune. It is every mighty ruler’s vision; the biggest dream before they just forgot that they all where little spice gains before on their journey to wealth.

Even the most beautiful and adventurous fairy tale won’t last at all.
The truth is: All the shimmering goods do all have a heart. The second truth is: Not every mighty ruler is able anymore to hear when a good’s heart is beating. They should be excused, they can’t help it.
But there need to be someone telling the mighty rulers that there are shimmering goods with a beating heart. That won’t hurt. And the someone is every continent’s citizen. Yes, it is your responsibility.

You cannot fool a real powerful, mighty ruler. The tycoons know that an irresistible process with a massive need of humanity is flowing to the continent. Instead of preparing themselves, they prefer to demonstrate how powerful the mighty rulers are.
Gram per gram, kilo per kilo the shimmering goods get resettled from the sales booth’ counter into huge bags – resistance is aimless, it is the order of the mighty rulers.

The millions of gains are twitchy because they cannot estimate what will happen with them, with old friends from former bazaars, with their reclaimed neighbor gains and probably prospective friends. The future is uncertain.

Hopefully one day when the millions of bags with millions of spice gains will be offered on the continent’s bazaar, a mighty ruler who had not forgotten that he was a little spice gain before, will discover the real worthiness of all the beautiful shimmering goods.

Written by René Alexander

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