Modern Pirates

With a lack of a stable government in Libya and the uncertain administration of other Middle East and Northern African countries, the issue of migration is out of control, whilst smugglers and human traffickers are able to work in freedom. The lack of order has taken its toll with 4 million Syrians reported to have fled from the country in 2015. Another million have spread throughout Europe which has alarmed the continent.

These traffickers also called the “Modern Pirates” are convincing people that they can transport people from the devastating situation that they experienced in their respective countries to the promised land, to Europe. Some of the refugee’s dream destination include Germany and the United Kingdom. Germany is already taking a large number of refugees in with a staggering figure of 800,000 refugees.

The smugglers and traffickers give this service to people for a very high price which usually strips the refugees of its most precious possessions. This is a lose-lose situation for refugees as they are losing their assets. At the same time they are risking not only their lives but also the lives of their children due to the lack of a proper service.
We have seen from many videos across the world that these people mostly arrive in small boats which are even roofless and without the necessary security. Another way of these people arriving to their destinations is by lorries which accept a fee in exchange for transport to these destinations. Having in mind that borders begin to close the use of lorries is inadequate, but anyways, the truckers won’t stop taking a great advantage of the refugees.

Refugee trafficking has a huge economic cost. Corrupt regimes from those countries stand no chance to fight against it. This global phenomenon produces almost $26 billion dollars annually. These smugglers charge approximately $3000 per refugee to reach Europe. The dream of having the prospect of a better life in Europe for them and their children has no cost and they will do anything to get there.

Thus we can see how society’s newest pirates make profit on the lives of innocent people and I believe that this has already caused an alarm through the world. European countries must give more aid if some of these problems may find a conclusion whilst that policies must improve on this matter and we only wish that these people get back to live their normal lives in the near future.

Written by Jean Zarb

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