Peace for Everybody

During the last months, the young European Youth Voice’s reporters made many researches and thought a lot about a common European future – with our new neighbors from all over the world.

Now it’s time to take action: After the great success of the first Raise Your Voice – the European Voice! movement with our continent’s citizens, the international project group stopped over in the Westfälische Hochschule’s foyer to catch attention for this important topic – and to give young students the possibility to express themselves.

While enjoying fresh made waffles they discussed about Europe’s future, how to integrate refugees into the Western culture. The students started a growing discussion with more and more participants which were interested and curios for the refugees topic – and they got connected trough acute dialogues with professors and staff of Gelsenkirchen’s university of applied sciences.

In the end, some students resumed the discussions with only one sentence: “We just wish peace for everybody.”

written by René Alexander

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