The Road Forward

As we are approaching the end of our term as an international project group we want to thank you for following our series of articles regarding the topic of escape and migration. This tough issue was not always easy to deal with especially regarding the tensions that surrounded us. We have provided you with extensive material that shows, how we, the young generation of the European Union, are trying to raise the bar. When it comes to international matters we raise our voice!

Immigration nowadays, and as we have stressed before, is a European problem which needs to be met with optimism and good faith. A solution is always there but the road to pass before might be rocky. This is a way of persevering and find the right key to the right door. Immigration policies have to be tackled and countries need to prepare for sacrifices that have to be done in order to diminish or give an end to this problem.

Our articles were the principal way of sending you our message and raise our voice. We believe that we have dealt with this matter in the right way and we have given great care in creating the best content concentrating on this topic. The plan behind it was to give you an inner look at both the migrant’s point of view and any administration’s point of view thus giving you the chance to learn both sides as we must proceed forward with great interest and in a positive manner.

Through our survey when we asked you about your wishes for a common future and through the waffle event at the Westfälische Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen we were even able to raise awareness and sensibility for this topic. We tried to interact with young Europeans and give them a deeper perspective into the matter. Through their statements we can show that everybody stands to be counted and everyone must give a listen to what other people dare to say about the issue. It is only by cooperation that we can find a solution for the problem.

For the people who are going through their journey of migrating we have to wish them good luck for their future and hopefully things turn out well as everyone of us in the team believe that these people deserve respect, dignity and a chance to prove themselves on the European stage. We must all pull the same rope and adapt to the changes. Adaptability has always been a good weapon for the human race and I believe that they will come through this stronger than ever before and create a safe and positive environment for the present as well as for the future!

By Jean Zarb

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