Nowadays we are facing millions of problems in our societies, some more  serious  than others .Well, one of the most controversial problems that can become bigger day by day is bullying at school.

Bullying behavior is prevalent throughout the world and it cuts across socio-economic, racial/ ethnic and cultural lines. Victims are often shy and tend to be physically weaker than their peers. They may also have low self – esteem and poor social skills which makes it hard for them to stand up for themselves. Bullies consider these children safe targets because they usually don’t retaliate.

If a child is a victim of bullying they may suffer physically and emotionally, their school work will likely show it. Grades drop because instead of listening to the teacher, kids are wondering what they did wrong and whether anyone will sit with them at lunch or during the break. If bullying persists they may be afraid to go to school. Problems with low self- esteem and depression can last into adulthood and interfere with personal and professional lives.

Bullies are usually children   that are facing bullying too either in their house from their parents or siblings or from other children at school. The bullies want to feel that they’ve got the power, so that’s exactly why they treat in that way other children. Of course the bullies are affected too, even into adulthood, they may have difficulty forming positive relationships.

Unless you’ve directly experienced bullying, you may not realize how devastating it can  be , especially to a child or teenager. As well as being deeply hurtful, bullying can leave anyone feeling frightened , angry, depressed and totally underminded. But bullying should never be tolerated . Whether you are the one being bullied or you’re a teacher or a parent you must help the child stand up and feel strong.

The government in each country or society must inform everyone and send psychologists to schools in order not only to talk with the parents , but also with children. It’s really important for a child to trust someone either their teacher, parent, friend or psychologist because that means that they will talk faster about what they are suffering from. The teachers must also have the appropriate education in order to understand right away if something is going bad between the children.

The key to helping kids dealing with difficult topics is not to overwhelm them with frightening, negative statistics and stories, but to instead focus on the hope. Share success stories that empower victims, and that show how other kids have overcome difficult situations like theirs. We must all help to solve this serious problem and help children create their best childhood memories without being depressed , stressed or anxious but happy with friendships.bullied-girl-500

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  • Lorna Kim

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