Who are you and what do you want?

I am a student. I am a journalist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a best friend. I am a girlfriend. I am a woman. I am a fan of sport and good coffee. I am from Slovakia…

Can you imagine your near future? I am going to finish the University in Bratislava and I want to plan my future.

What I want to do after school? I want to travel, I want to learn new things everyday, I want to have a good job and enjoy my live in every way. That is my vision.

However, reality should be different in many cases. Society and family is expecting something. You should… You should have a good job with high salary, family, house, car and other material things. And what about values? Are you under pressure? Can you imagine your future? Future of Europe? Honestly, I am under pressure in my mind. From myself, from my family, from society. I am trying to think that I am cool, I have no worries and I do not care. Only enjoying my own life and I can do anything what I want. Every day and every minute. However, somewhere in my mind there exists that annoying and bad feeling. Are you under pressure? Are you really so independent and open-minded?

Massmedia has got an important meaning in the creation of you and also your opinion. it builds an important part of our lives, because it affects us in every case. Media brings us different stories in daily routine. Information from all over the world, mainly hard news and soft news later, mostly at the end of the news. You can know everything about everyone because we have facebook. You can see what people are doing in other continent at this moment. We have got the internet and this weapon seems to be worse than bullet.
You can control everything via internet.
Internet has got many pros and cons, it can change our lives in different ways. You should only choose. Are you a real person online or only an anonymous stranger? You can be both of them and this is really dangerous. You can pretend everything and only create a good image online.

However, who are you and what do you want?

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