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Strategies? Stop blubbering like a baby…

As a youth worker, I find myself in the position of deciding which of these two is better: the local level or the European level. The second issue is „strategic thinking”. Tactics overwhelm strategies. Pragmatism overwhelms patience. These are my main topics and I would very much like to tackle them as strongly as possible and I will combine them into a major subject – the importance of strategy. As a Romanian citizen and a youth worker, things are getting

The Syrian Revolution and Italy’s contribution in conflict communication

In the spirit of european principles and the EU’s latter actions to take control over the Arab Spring, to support people’s rights and opinions and to stop governance’s abuse of power, the European Union should examine Italian private activities that violates various human rights in Syria in order to put an end to all those who try to foment totalitarian leadership in our time, especially in Syria. First of all, over the last year, more than 3.500 lives represented the

“Europeanized” education

Taking into consideration many political (more or less) gossips, the European Union is neither a global power, nor a power in decline. The European Union is transforming and developing into a powerful influence. In my opinion, there are three global powers: The United States, China and Russia– maybe India’s on its way to being one. Europe had to be its own general manager, and in 1957 the founding members of the community, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West