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Spain is very well known thanks to many of its historical cities, but there is one in which people can feel the presence of many different cultures in just a couple of km2. Toledo is a city located in the center of Spain, 73,2 km from Madrid. It is the capital of the province of Toledo and the autonomous community of Castile- La Mancha, land of the famous book Don Quixote of La Mancha In spite of its long history


The relationship between Spain and Europe comes back from the last centuries. But recently, Spain joined the European Union since its integration in 1986. In the present time, this country after 39 years under Franco’s Dictatorship has changed economically, politically and socially. Along these years, Spaniards feel that Europe is a huge step to reach freedom, economic advantages and a better democracy. Contrary to Spaniards thinking, the crisis that affects Europe has formed an anti-European feeling over the few last

Global view of a country in crisis

Due to the deep situation of the current Spanish Economy, Young people are the most troubled. They state that they‘re the most prepared professional academically in the history of Spain, in spite of being the most prepared, they have no opportunity of finding a job that suits their preparation. The current statistics show this reality. Spain has the second highest unemployment rate of Europe, 55% of young people are unemployed, of the current employed population 45% of people has a