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Three festivals turned Tartu into a capital of culture

  In August 6-11, university town of Estonia, Tartu, hosted three festivals at once, turning the city into a real capital of culture. Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF, Tallinn Music Week and literature festival Prima Vista joined hands to hold a huge city festival. Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuff, organized by the International Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, was held already for the seventh time. For six days a big screen was set up in Town Hall Square, giving people

Estonia is adopting the € tomorrow!

Tomorrow on 1 January 2011 the Eurozone is going to have it’s 17th member – Estonia. The Baltic Tiger, as the country was known before the economic crisis as being one of the world’s fastest growing economies, aimed to adopt the Euro in 2007. Due to not meeting the inflation criterion, the date was postponed several times. Replacing the current currency, the kroon, has brought very different opinions out to the public. Estonian government has been critizised a lot for

Language – an important part of integration in the Baltic States

Having a national minority is something which every European country has to face today. What makes integrating difficult is different religions, culture and most importantly different languages. The biggest minority of Estonia is Russians with 25% of the whole population. Language barrier is getting worse year by year. The younger generation of Estonians don’t speak Russian and the younger generation of Russians doesn’t speak Estonian language well. This is the main reason, why the communication between Estonian and Russian youngsters