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EuroNews, 02-2007, Youth and EU

A letter from Czech Republic The mark of entrance of Czech republic in to European Union was in 2004. By which this entrance was accompanied by a huge number of opinions and the decisions taking in to considerations of people in Czech republique, where mostly predicting the influence of the European Union on the level of effects of prices in the country and potential unemployment caused by this increase. But for most younger generations it opened a new idea concerning

EuroNews 02-2007, Europe, with a positive attitude

EU-Much more than money I am occupied with the subject Europe at the moment in a very intensive way, indeed, but the subject area limits itself to a very small area. Within the scope of my dissertation I deal with the distribution of the funds and the distribution fights linked with it. I deal with the topic limited to the new several years’ financial framework “Agenda 2007” and the money in the area of structural policies. And I must admit,

EuroNews 02-2007, Serbia standing still?

Kosovo, Mladic and the EU In Serbia, it is somewhat unclear what the actual condition for the talks to continue is: Mladić’s arrest or Kosovo status solution? However, the conditions have been defined clearly, and that means full cooperation with the Hague Tribunal. Full cooperation means Mladić in the Hague, full cooperation can also mean the removal of any doubt that the Government is doing all that needs to be done to extradite Mladić. So that’s it – Kosovo is

EuroNews 02-2007, TO BEU OR NOT TO BEU?

Or what it takes for Serbia to enter the EU? Seeing through the eyes of a Serbian citizen, one would find it difficult to explain where Serbia is going. “Quo vadis” is posed to everybody, yet no one knows what is going to happen but the fact remains: Serbia is still far away from EU. Many EEC countries, especially those in the region of South West Balkans have accomplished many necessary criteria for entering EU: Croatia has a status of

EuroNews 02-2007, Letter from Serbia

EU and Serbia: Think positive As many countries in the neighborhood, Serbia also dreams about becoming a member of EU. To achieve that, we must rely on our own strength, arrange situation in our country, and do our best to realize necessary conditions for joining EU, although we can offer few reliable things (wonderful culture, historical monuments, long tradition, many smart people in the mood for cooperation) we still need help. There are many positive sides of being a member

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