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What does Czech Youth think about Greece Youth?

For the beginning we have to start with ice breaking, understanding and knowing each other. And we have to leave us from the information which are we getting through the Czech media, when we after long time get anything. And actually for better understanding the situation is necessary to know each other, but let´s try it for now without it. What do Czech Youth mean about Greece Youth? I asked few of Youths and they started to think about it,

Druhá fáze je u konce, třetí se blíží

Project Nenech sebou zametat! has finished its second phase. There were a few important changes in our concept. The most experienced lecturer from each region became a region coordinator and started to take care of lecturers in that region and help them to realize project activities. The second innovation was expanding trainings of lecturers which were held in Ostrava and Praha. Participants took part in some workshops, discussions, did some teambuilding activities and visited Linka bezpečí. The last innovation was

Project Nenech sebou zametat! goes on!

Project Nenech sebou zametat! continues also in school year 2012 /2013. There are some innovations and new possibilities for lectors and new participants of this project. First innovation is about training of lectors. Two trainings of new lectors will be held during this period but also two educational seminars of current lectors which will help them to expand their knowledge and experience during interesting discussions with important guests. Project team prepared six discussions with experts of project topics. During these

Project „Nenech sebou zametat!“

Project “Nenech sebou zametat!” was created by members of National children and youth parliament of Czech Republic in February 2011. The aim of this project is to refer to three important topics which are nowadays related to life of all children. Target group are young people between 12 and 20 years. Project is divided into two different programs. Each program contains Convention on the rights of the child. Other two topics are bullying and cyberbullying. These parts are compulsory-elective. It

Participation by children and youth in the Czech Republic

We can hear really from everywhere about participation in nowadays, but what does it mean? Are we able to participate or not? Sure, everyone can participate, lots of children and youth are scared of this word, but they do not know what does it mean, and what is it about. But then they know and when they can prepare some activities for the others and after that they have to say I have learned something new and I can use