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Football boom cannot be stopped by crisis

Most of Europe´s famous and “richest” football clubs have high debts, but it does not effect in the boom in football business. When will the big bubble of debts explode? Short look on different clubs and their debts, clubs which already overreached themselves and the connection to the economic crisis. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon and it would be easy to extend the list. Almost every club in Europe has debts or contracts

Spot on Human Rights

Where does it lead to, when important international events take part in countries where human rights are disregarded? Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2012 in Azerbaijan, UEFA championship 2012 in Ukraine, Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia and FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Currently the UEFA championship takes place in Poland and Ukraine and a few weeks ago the ESC was celebrated in Baku. The discussion on human rights connected to the host countries of events like that started again. In

Tolerance Congress successful!

September 2010, Banska Bystrica (Slovakia): 13 Nations signed a proclamation at the Tolerance congress of the European martyr cities and villages. Ioana Dinu and Danny Piel took part. Be tolerant and remember the National Socialism and their victims. This should be our aim in the whole life and longer. That’s why the Network of martyr cities and villages is important. The proclamation for extending, organizing and the way to go on with the Network of European martyrs cities and villages

Europa wählt ein neues Parlament

In dieser Woche ist es wieder soweit das neue Europa wählt ein neues Parlament. Zum 7. Mal wird es bereits gewählt und diesmal mit ca. 375 Millionen wahlberechtigten Europäern aus den 27. Mitgliedsstaaten der EU. Vom 4.-7. Juni finden die Wahlen für das 7. europäische Parlament statt. Das europäische Parlament wird für 5 Jahre gewählt und entscheidet über die wichtigsten Regelungen der EU. In Deutschland wird am Sonntag gewählt. Es ist ein großes Wahljahr in Deutschland im Gange. Unter anderem