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A lesson learnt from Scottish independence referendum

Vote at 16

A few days ago a very important independence referendum took place in Scotland. Of course we are not going to talk about the political consequences of this referendum to the Scottish people or the country. But this referendum gave us a great lesson regarding the participation of young people in elections. For the referendum the normal voting age was reduced from 18 to 16 for the first time in Great Britain! The vast majority of young people aged 16 and

More crisis, less democracy?


In the last few years when the world mass media refer to Greece there is only one theme; the financial crisis. Reporters and analysts discuss for long about unemployment rate, austerity measures and budget cuts. But is it all about money? In Greece, there is the sense that the crisis except economy has affected democracy in a very negative way. Recently, the government shut down suddenly the Public Broadcaster (ERT). It was a pointless decision since ERT was a profitable