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The two sides of refugees’ education in Greece

School boys

“Today me and Katerina went to the refugees’ camp for our lesson and almost half the class was missing. We should have noticed what have happened because of the silence that was all over the room and the students’ faces that were sad. ”Where are the other guys” I asked “did they miss school again?” and someone answered the obvious answer that they were deported. Our smiles were gone “this is the end!” I said and it was a stupid

I need a guide …

I am 17 years old. I have just graduated from high school and I need a guide for real world. I think this guide is important for every young person who has these characteristics. He/she is ambitious; ready to discover and conquer the world, fearless, confident, and rebellious and the most important he/she is a teenager. Teenage way of thinking is something like this “I have a life full of aspects and i can do whatever it comes in my