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Are Romas and Sintis the real problem? – A hint on Rethinking

For at least five centuries Romas and Sintis have lived in almost all European countries. Today up to 10 million Romas and Sintis live in Europe. Originally they come from North India – proven in the 18th century by linguists who show the relation of the language Sanskrit and Romanes. Although there is evidence of a peaceful coexistence of Romas and Sintis in the european countries in the middle ages, many stereotypes and prejudices against Romas and Sintis developed during

Nigeria – Telling stories is one thing, sharing them another

In terms of revolutionary movements and active resistances against inequitable governments, laws or actions, the Social Media is indeed a tool to inform people. Information that could be easily manipulated or even censored in the newspaper and TV news channels, find its plain way through the Social Media. The blossom of the Social Media era has reached its height. Once stamped as a menace or even worse a mental enfeeblement to society, Social Media is now considered to be a

“Imperialists out of Africa!”

I was invited to a very interesting event in Cologne. Next to the huge, ancient Dom there was a crowd listening to the voice of Mudjacka Mvunuku. “We want to have the independence to vote without any influence from Europe. Just the voice of the people! Uhuru”, he says through the microphone. On the 28th November the Democratic Republic of Kongo is going to vote a new president. It is assumed that imperialists like Europe or America always have their

The fear of a national identity

When we talk about identity, we usually mean our personal identity. When we talk about European identity, we refer to our cultural identity in Europe. But what actually happens when we talk about national identity? Does it mean to celebrate your national soccer team during the world championship or to raise your flag in order to proof your national pride?  “Islam belongs to Germany.” German Federal President Christian Wulff expresses himself to the argumentative Sarrazin debates (Thilo Sarrazin wrote a