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Roma’s people want to work

On 1st August 2012 has been launched a Czech project called „Romas work and want to work“. The aim of this project is to point out the Roma’s situation in the Czech Republic is getting worse. Romas people have to face many prejudices in their everyday life. Mostly the society think that all of the Roma’s people don’t work, they’re satisfied only with the help from the state and so on. The campaign is based on some very creative posters

Student life in UK

Many young people from Europe dream about studying in the UK. Cultural diversity, freedom of expression, creativity and world class modules are some of the many reasons to pick a university in the UK.. But is the real life of an international student really this fun in the UK? Let’s find it out! We asked Markéta Zezulkova, originally from the Czech Republic who studies in the UK to answer a few questions related to the topic. To begin with, let