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Who are you, Sir?

Train rides can be a boring story, especially if do these on a daily basis. Always the same distressed faces, the same problems, the same stifling ambience, the same old discussions… However today, was not like any other day. I was about to open Les Mandarins from Beauvoir and deepen into my normal lecture mode to bridge time when my attention was caught by this awkward looking gentleman. Cut out of a 20s movies, he looked genuinely as lost as

What is travelling truly about – Part I

 I wanted for some time to post an article on this topic, but I guess the meaning of travelling reveals itself in time and with the accumulation of more experiences. Therefore, I decided to split this post over several articles and thus to try to capture as many opinions as possible. In this first article, I decided to post, with her permission, an e-mail that my friend Laura sent me while visiting China. I think she describes perfectly the feelings

Beating the Post Travel-Blues

A little over 3 weeks have passed since I came back from my Eurotrip. It feels like time contracted itself. It was barely yesterday when I left for Europe. I grasp a moment to remember what happened. When did time passed so fast? Am I really older with 30 days, but I feel younger…  Now my dusty green backpack sits quietly closed in the closet waiting for a new adventure. There are going to be new journeys to be planned,

Pack list

As promised I give you below a complete long journey packing list: light or not? You can decide on yourselves, my backpack weights around 17 kg. For a girl might be a challenge and not an easyone if you do not practice any sports. It’s going to be rough on my back as well, but hell we are young and foolish once J. The list includes some specifities to my trip, as I will be sleeping on night trains I

Pre-Departure Stress

3 ½ days left to departure and I feel my head spinning, steadily I am falling a bit into panic. Mainly because in the last 2 weeks I’ve been hearing non-stop the question: So you’re going one month in Europe A-L-O-N-E? And you know, at first is nice, funny but I began asking myself: am I completely Coo-Coo? Of course, I know that my parents went bananas and wanted to tie a GPS to my ankle, but is it that

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