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Emotional journey with Soulful Traveller

From the depths of emotions, she comes. From the depths of his soul, she comes. She comes… his music. So full of emotions, so deeply touching our souls with sweet, lovely whispering lyrics of all his mixes. She tells us a story about love, emotions, feelings. About how important love is. About how important is who you are. And there he is – Soulful Traveller (Nikolay Panov). This time I don’t want to follow the conception of introducing someone with

2 in 1 – Engineer and DJ or just Jivko Yordanov a.k.a. Artone

Artone is the nickname of the young and talented producer and DJ from Sofia, Bulgaria – Engineer Jivko Yordanov. Original, deep, related and interesting are just a very small part of all the definitions of his style. He has many musical projects behind his back and with these projects he has assembled a remarkable “guard” of musicians. He works with Bulgarian and World’s labels like FLC Records (BG), Funktion Music (BG), Bastardos United (BG), Artefact Records (MK), Fairlads Digital (HU),

A sacrifice in the name of love or something else

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Day turns into night. Summer fades into fall. We know in our hearts so much as we would wish it otherwise. In a world set within time, there can be no beginning without an end. It’s the same with the holidays. We feel this way after Christmas, New Year’s Eve… Like too much noise for too much silence after the party. Life is like a party. Has a beginning, has a pick

Quest for music with George Quest

This is a feature about Bulgaria and Bulgarian DJs. When someone speaks about their country, they usually focus on the nature, the people, or the most beautiful places. But I want to share with you something different; something unusual; something about the music in my homeland – Bulgaria. “Why is this so unusual?” you would ask. It is, because I will tell you not about our national folk music, but rather about our electronic music. Have you ever felt, while

Say yes to EVS

Usually when something is over we’ve got so many questions like “And now what? What’s next?”. I asked myself the same question after my graduation. And now what? What’s next? When we have just finished school we also ask the same. We all are wondering what we want to study, to work, but may be after the university you really realize that you’re adult and this makes everything quite complicated. The first piece of mind is “Oh my God, I

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