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Extended training of lecturers on the topic of bullying

From 22nd to 24th November 2013, additional training of lecturers took place in Prague at Prokopka Hotel. This training was realized in order to learn the lecturers how to work on the above-mentioned topics with children at primary school in the age of 6 and 7 years. And the second aim was to learn more information about project topics. The program started on Friday at 15:30, when the participants met in the conference room at Prokopka. Together they visited The

Concentration camp Majdanek

Historically, concentration camp Majdanek in Polish Lublin functioned from year 1941. It was a prison full of the Jewish, Polish and the members of the Soviet Union who worked there since morning until evening. Of course, not everyone survived in these hard conditions, so there were many people who lived in the camp only a few months. The prisoners were given to eat only a soup, tea and coffee and were sleeping up to five people on one bed. Their

Aachen, a city full of various interesting places

It was directly in the city of Charlemagne where the meeting of the European Youth Voice took place in the term from 25th September until 1st October. The participants coming from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Estonia were accommodated at the Jugendhostel at Ronheide, a beautiful and calm place of the city where they could get to know each other and write their articles. History of Aachen reaches until 3 000 BC, which is backed up by

Radio Funkhaus Europa

Funkhaus Europa is an international radio station situated in the city center of Cologne. It is a very professional radio station which is orientated on music and entertainment and has the aim to inform its public about news in the world of music, people and culture. The web pages of Radio Funkhaus Europa show a wide choice of different categories which are current and discussed, accompanied by nice and original artistic photos. The lovers of good food and life can

Belgian soldiers on the visit in South Bohemia

It is not difficult to become a soldier in the French-speaking part of Wallonie in Belgium. The young men born in the country need a short training in order to enter the army, these trainings are given them in a military area in Wallonie and in the military spaces abroad. Wallonian army is a group of 400 military men, divided into 3 units of approximately 100 people. Each of these groups is led by one captain and there are 3

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