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Czech Internet Forum in November

Czech Internet Forum is the only one conferential action which conceives the Czech Internet as the connected unit and and at the same time chooses the most interesting. The center pin of the action will be the conference of the frontal specialistson the Internet business, medias and communication, discussion board, networking and the workshops. This year will contain the shows of the successfull start-ups and opinions of interesting people who meet Internet in the framework with their projects on the

Economical crisis = human crisis?

The bankrupcy in the United States in 2008 evoked the economical crisis which  spread in the world, hit a huge amount of the states and obviously changed the level of living in the whole world. The unemployment rate, which used to stand on its average of 5%, grew to 9 or 10%. Millions of people have been unemployed and a lot of youth had to change their plans for the future; either by finding a job in order to support

Immigration in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been a country with the lowest demografic movement since 18th and 19th century. The phenomenon hasn´t even changed before the 1945 when, on the contrary, the amount of the Czech inhabitants has been declining. Comparing the situation from the year 2005 to that from the 1944 when there has been the biggest amount of people living on the Czech territory, the Czech demography is the lowest in the whole Europe. The fecundity (statistically speaking ) falled

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