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The European crisis

The first idea to get united the European nations as Europeans is during these days disappearing. I couldn’t see it before the European youth voice meeting. Whoever caused that crisis, European nations are getting further from each away. Today is crisis. Each country has to fight against each own growing unemployment, growing of nationalism or neonazism. For these topic has European Union no solution. It seems the European Union is confused and can’t solve it. Young people are without hope,

My useful memories from Bruxelles

After we had returned home from Aachen, I’ve started to take more attention of nations which were participated. I can better judge the national political situations, because I know personally their characters.   I see the biggest benefit in monitoring the European crisis. We can rudly talk about German-Greek economical fights. After we’ve visited the European council with our guide, it really contributes to gain comprehensive picture of the whole situation. I don’t want to slander someone, who is responsible