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Having a job while studying

It is very common among students that when they go to collage,to also get a job. Before you start one it is very wise to personally analize both negative and positive sides which can affect your studying and further life. All depends grandly on how many hours you have to work and on that how much a person can take. Firstly, people say that a part time job is very good if you want to have more freedom to decide

Estonia-the country where people sing

The Estonian Song festival is a tradition which Estonians have managed to maintain through decades. It it a very big festival where hundreds of choirs come together and sing national songs. It is also said that it’s one of the biggest choral events in the world. People come together in every five years in mid-summer on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The first song festival took place in 1869 in Tartu. In the first three festivals only men choirs and