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New languages, new worlds

In the era of new high technologies we still learn new languages. There has been a widely spread idea that soon or later computers will be able to translate almost everything. To some extent, it is true now – we have the Google translator, to mention one. But when it comes to speaking new languages the AI cannot be a replacement of the human brain capacity yet. One of the priorities of the EU educational programmes is studying new languages.

Books and Radio together

I have always seen reading books as quite a personal moment. Just you and the text in front of you. You decide the pace of reading. You stop for some breaks for consideration. You choose the right book and the right time for reading. And you are reading the particular book! I have heard of book reading on the radio as well as audio books but I have never given a try to any of them. The thought of having

In search of perfect destination

Everything started from one simple idea a few years ago … I knew a lot about that place… ‘It’s incredible’, ‘An outstanding area’, ‘You’ll fall in love with Kaliakra!’ some of my closest friends who had already visited Kaliakra, were often sharing gleefully their personal impressions with me! Summer 2011 The map was open in front of me and I was marking Cape Kariakra in a big red circle. I had decided that this summer was the right time for