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Upside down

Upside down: sun in the north at noon, driving on the left side and closer to Antarctica than to the North Pole. My best holidays I ever had led me to a place 18.000 km away from home. Rainforest, coasts, national parks, geysers, rivers, mountains, wekas, penguins, sea lions and kiwis: New Zealand. A beautiful country were I wanted to go since I have seen pictures from this place on the other side of the world. After eight months preparation

“Participation and Journalism”

From 25th September to 1st October 2011 the international seminar on “Participation and Journalism” took place in Aachen, Germany. Each eight young people from Estonia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany came together in the city at the boarder triangle Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. During the project week the participants produced articles, had workshops on journalism, travel writing and travel photography. Besides having workshops and writing articles, the young authors got many information on the EU and journalism

Participation and Journalism

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS International meeting in Germany, Aachen 25.09. – 01.10.2011 The project week is entitled “Participation and Journalism”. We will visit EU institutions in Brussels, have a trip to Maastricht and visit the International Newspaper Museum in Aachen. The aim is to find ways to participate within the EU, to be(come) an active European citizen and raise your voice with articles or small video pieces on our website. Everybody who is interested in writing and sharing information in an

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