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Who has the time?

The notion of time and time keeping is nowadays so deeply rooted in our reality that we seldom stop and wonder how this time business started in the first place. Why do we keep track of time and how have we become so time-addicted? The Benedictine rule introduced into Western culture the idea of regulated time, for Benedict believed that every waking minute should be consumed by labor either physical or spiritual. The monastic community was regulated by an uncompromising

The Vietnam experience

There are three stages in getting to know Vietnam. The first one started when I got off the airport taxi, in downtown Saigon at 2 in the morning. You feel like you don’t have enough eyes to see everything, to watch out for everything nor to acknowledge every blinking light and the truth is you don’t. The first night in Vietnam is all about the air vibrating, about the music of the omnipresent high heels (and short skirts), the clinking

CL!CK About It

Cl!ck is a photography contest about the changing world, which aims at creating a mosaic of images from all over the world that would portray the local communities and their peoples struggle to survive through the motion. The official theme is: Crisis and disaster. Professional photographers and well as amateurs can send photos that capture natural disasters, political up rises, conflict, financial crisis, development crisis, urban life and climate change. Two awards will be given, one for pros and one

Generation 1992 to the main stage please!

The European Commission has launched a creativity contest through which young people that are exactly 20 years old can make their own vision about the European common market known. The contest is called Generation 1992 and it marks the passing of 20 years since the unique European market was established. Now the European market unites 27 countries and allows free circulation of merchandise, capital, people and services. The articles expected for submission should be from the following categories: education and

21 words that cannot be translated

I find it harder and harder to locate a relatable knowledge base that can provide solid academic ground for research (or the result of other people research) while mentaining a close to the young approach. “TED-ideas worth spreading” has been around since 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design and has naturally expanded into a global community with content of high quality on all related fields. The two annual TED conferences, in Long Beach

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