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Points of view

One of the easiest ways to understand other cultures, peoples and the like is “to walk a mile in their shoes”. Or so they say. And by they I of course mean the nameless face and majority that is society. Or variations of it depending on the hemisphere you’re coming from. A rather elegant way of doing this, while also avoiding any faux pas while you’re trying to use the wrong fork/chop stick with the wrong dish, is to literally

Due process…

“The government needs the approval of a judge to detain a suspected terrorist. To kill one, it need only give itself permission.” And here I was, thinking that 1984 is just a good book. The quote is courtesy of Adam Serwer and his accurate description of the white paper recently published by the NBC. Direct from the US Department of Justice this  shameless piece of bureaucracy tells us that it’s ok for the US government to decide one of its’

The stems of Dexter

If you’re reading this chances are you used to love watching Dexter’s Lab when you were a kid. Or, even better, you dreamed of being a paleontologist when you were gonna grow up cause nothing was cooler than dinosaurs. Or at the very least you liked to fiddle with all sorts of funny jars with insects and spiders, cooking up all sorts of experiments. You had it in you to be a scientist. You even begged your folks to get

Post holiday tidings

Well the holiday season’s over,  the New Year leftovers are almost finished, the Christmas wrapping are all but gone and our embarassing New Year photos are all over facebook. And let’s not forget that our wallet is probably empty; as is our bank account. Santa’s maxed out all his credit cards to make sure all the good little boys and girls get exactly what they deserve. But seriously, the holiday season was a good way to see the economy pick up

Christmas folly

How can you not like Christmas? With it’s long lasting appeal (it’s been around for hundreds of years in one form or another), it’s world wide grip (they’re even celebrating it in China) and it’s everly increasing litany of traditions (ten years from now we’ll be eating candy out of yellow water balloons). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a holiday invented to satisfy pagan traditions* and make their transition to Christianity easier. I don’t even

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