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Steve Jobs – The advocate of the new changed education paradigms

SOSMEC or SOS for the Ministry of Education and Culture. This was my first thought after I watched one of the most popular educational videos on the internet, “Changing Education Paradigms”. The video is worth its six million views as it follows the creation of a witty comic based on Sir Ken Robinson’s Speech at the RSA, while the actual speech on the need of changing the education paradigms on which we built an entire system is heard on the

Bucharest, the be(a)st from the East

London, Paris, even Oslo and other more climate unfriendly places – these are some of the most popular destinations amongst students who choose to study abroad in state capitals and large cities. But have you ever considered Bucharest, one of the biggest cities in Eastern Europe, recently added on the must visit map of every thrill seeking traveler, fashionista and modern art addict? Versatile since it was established, the capital city of blooming Romania is like a chameleon for the