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Positive attitude towards unemployment

Facing a long period of unemployment can be both financially and emotionally draining. For most people, losing their job is not just the loss of income but also can be the loss of an “identity” as well as a major embarrassment. Personally, I have experienced a very hard time for the last 2 years that I can’t find a job. However, after the first shock and depression status I’ve been through, after I literally lost my smile and joy and

The Show must go ON! #greekrevolution

“Empty spaces, what are we living for…?”  These lyrics of the famous song by Queen – came to my mind recently after reading an article from a Greek journalist about the current situation in Greece! His article describes a very pessimistic view of the economic and social state in Greece, which is now suffering from a collapsed system that so far reproduces decay, corruption, justice impunity and the worst of all the danger to bankrupt not only from money but

The “Social Networks Era”

Without a doubt the younger generations grow up on the “social networks era”! The majority of our friends and relatives have an account either on facebook or twitter etc. and use cyber means in order to act and communicate! But how is it to live in such way and by such means? First of all social networks or technology in general made things easier and quicker!  Now you can chat with your friends as long as you want, share pictures

Planet Earth 2010 – a review

2010 was one of the most difficult periods for the Greek people and we could say we are entering a new era full of changes for our society in all levels, financial, social, institutional etc. However, international changes have strong effect to national, so let us remember the most important events that happened around the world during this year. January – February One of the deadliest on record earthquakes occurs in Haiti with over than 230.000 dead and homeless people.

The current situation in Greece

The situation is very very complicated! I am very confused on what to support and what to say! The truth is that the situation is out of control and the media make it worse. The information is still open..and every day more and more happen. The most important think is that a young bioy was killed and now nobody respects his memory. The Police, the justice, the government…even those who make the riots. I am so … angry!! Vivi Zapantiotou

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