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Elections saga in Azerbaijan

Last year, on 9th of October, presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan. As expected, Ilham Aliyev’s third victory was preponderant, 85%. Maidenly he got to power in 2003 after his father, Heydar, pulled back from the politics. Heydar, the former KGB head, was on reign around 40 years. If we look at the European Council’s official announcement about 2013 elections : “overall around election day we have observed a free, fair and transparent electoral process”, everything looks to be fine

Single-party systems and two-party systems

Although the term single- party system is controversial (a system implies on having certain relations between different units), it nervertheless aids in differing political systems, where on the one hand, a party enjoys power through politically eliminating its opponents and on the other hand, there is lively competition between several parties. Since monopolistic parties function as constant governments, they nearly always lead to a state apparatus. Regarding single- party systems, we can distinguish two different types. The first kind of


The relationship between Spain and Europe comes back from the last centuries. But recently, Spain joined the European Union since its integration in 1986. In the present time, this country after 39 years under Franco’s Dictatorship has changed economically, politically and socially. Along these years, Spaniards feel that Europe is a huge step to reach freedom, economic advantages and a better democracy. Contrary to Spaniards thinking, the crisis that affects Europe has formed an anti-European feeling over the few last

What is Germany heading for?

Although Germany is the biggest economy and the most important partner of the European Union our knowledge about this country is still very limited. After the Second World War Germany became a socially defeated and an economically broken country. It was disunited into two parts and occupied. At these long and bad times German society was getting prepared to integrate and win its independence back. The fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 was the beginning of the

Syrians calling for help

Can you imagine what it is to feel scared in our own home? Do you know the feeling of wanting to escape from your own country in order to save your children’s life? It’s hard to imagine but it happens to thousands of Syrians refugees. Every single day many people escape from Syria searching for security. Many mothers and their children seek refugee in Europe. They pay to Turkish trafficants to bring them to Bulgarian borders. This costs them a

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