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Who are you, Sir?


Train rides can be a boring story, especially if do these on a daily basis. Always the same distressed faces, the same problems, the same stifling ambience, the same old discussions… However today, was not like any other day. I was about to open Les Mandarins from Beauvoir and deepen into my normal lecture mode to bridge time when my attention was caught by this awkward looking gentleman. Cut out of a 20s movies, he looked genuinely as lost as

They just can’t understand I have friends from other countries


What role plays nationalism in your country? What role it plays among young people? And do you find it dangerous? That were questions we asked ten young participants of intercultural week in Cologne. They provided us with answers from different countries of the EU to develop general picture about notion of nationalism in Europe. Georgi Georgiev, Bulgaria (21) In Bulgaria, nationalism influence mainly older people, who are already retired. It is because there is not much tolerance between different social

United in Diversity


“…our interests can no longer be separated from those of our neighbors. Either we all loose, or we all win” Martin Schulz said in his acceptance speech after he was elected president of the European Parliament. European Union has to face a challenge. In an era of super mobility and super diversity, how do people develop the capacity to live with difference? History has shown a hardening of attitudes towards ‘others’ in difficult times. But nowadays things are worst, we

Extended training of lecturers on the topic of bullying


From 22nd to 24th November 2013, additional training of lecturers took place in Prague at Prokopka Hotel. This training was realized in order to learn the lecturers how to work on the above-mentioned topics with children at primary school in the age of 6 and 7 years. And the second aim was to learn more information about project topics. The program started on Friday at 15:30, when the participants met in the conference room at Prokopka. Together they visited The

Christmas shopping fever

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree and cities, a men dressed as Santa Claus, „Kevin alone at Home” – which everyone already saw, a songs like „ All I want for Christmas is you..” which we can hear in gallery center, and an old men who looks like a Santa Claus decorate a bottle of coca-cola. What is that for? Yes..Christmas is coming… Christmas time is a beautiful and expected period in our life. We want to spend Christmas quietly and with

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