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From 80’s disco to future space sounds with room4space

The story of inspiration and what keep us together – music “See you again…” on repeat, a few months since I heard this track for the first time and I’m still wondering to write or not to write to these guys. I wanted so badly to have even one of them in our radio’s team… and I’ve listened to some mixes by room4space, which was my final push to write him. So I wrote him an invitation to join in.

Emotional journey with Soulful Traveller

From the depths of emotions, she comes. From the depths of his soul, she comes. She comes… his music. So full of emotions, so deeply touching our souls with sweet, lovely whispering lyrics of all his mixes. She tells us a story about love, emotions, feelings. About how important love is. About how important is who you are. And there he is – Soulful Traveller (Nikolay Panov). This time I don’t want to follow the conception of introducing someone with

Christmas folly

How can you not like Christmas? With it’s long lasting appeal (it’s been around for hundreds of years in one form or another), it’s world wide grip (they’re even celebrating it in China) and it’s everly increasing litany of traditions (ten years from now we’ll be eating candy out of yellow water balloons). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a holiday invented to satisfy pagan traditions* and make their transition to Christianity easier. I don’t even


Part IV – The North and the South Estonia “Is that a new brand of Vodka?!” “-Which of nations are the richest in the world? -Estonians! -Why? -Because they are not fast enough to spend their salaries!” You know you are from Estonian when… 1. You attended a song festival at least once either as a performer or as a spectator. 2. You declare your taxes on the internet like all modern people 3. You actually believed for a while


THE HOSTS – Germany + European Union Germany “Do you know why Germans build such high-quality products? So they won’t have to go around being nice while they fix them.” You know you are German when: 1. You wait for a green light at a pedestrian crossing even when there is no traffic to be seen. 2. You wear socks with sandals. 3. You know the difference between Milka and Ritter Sport. 4. You think nothing of the five Smart

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