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Battle of the Culture Bulge

Living in a foreign country means getting used to a new lifestyle. Everything is different- the culture, the weather, the language. Some are capable of learning the new language, but sadly on my Erasmus in Germany, I wasn’t. Instead, I put my energy (and my stomach) to good use, and explored the different food. I heard about Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, but oh, I didn’t hear of the endless supply of bakeries filled with sweet pastries and treats galore. Of course

The Waste is gone with the Wind

The world has seven billion people. The figure of human being is increasing and the resources are low. Scientists are telling since many years that the water will be very low in future. Do we have also enough to eat? An enormous food waste has to be stopped immediately against the environmental pollution and to alleviate the world hunger. After a Quotation by the German federal ministry of agriculture, alimentation and consumer-protection (BMELV) every German throws food with an economical

Gourmet Student

As I anxiously turned the key to my new bedroom, I could barely contain the excitement I felt at the thought that this would be my new home for the next six months of my life. Once we laid our bags down in our individual bedrooms, we all nodded agreeably towards each other that this would undoubtedly be a great place to live in. However, there was one place I still had to check in order for me to be

Life of a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian means that you don t eat meat. No chicken, no fish, no cow or pig. As simple as it sounds… My grandma never really got it. “I know you don’t eat meat…but you could eat at least sausages.” At the age of three I stopped eating meat. I started realizing where the steak on my plate came from. My grandma might be the reason why I did. She had a little farm with a few chickens, rabbits,

What I feared most before Erasmus

Had a late night last night and had to wake up early for the 5th consecutive day to do a 10-minute errand with my fellow ERASMUS mates that couldn’t wait until the afternoon. Makes me wonder whether they think everyone likes to wake up at 8am on a free day to get out of their comfortable, warm beds and go straight into the blistering cold of the German winter. At least I won’t be sleeping past breakfast, or at least

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