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Living “abroad” or how is it to be an Eastern on the West

Each of us have travelled somewhere…for a weekend trip, vacation or business trip. But can you imagine leaving your country and start living in some other part of the world? Surely you can, some of you already did. Is it harder to start living abroad or to move to the opposite side of your native country? Do you think it’s possible to be surrounded by your nation and still feel as a foreigner? Here are some thoughts of a young

Discover Europe by train

I always wanted to travel through Europe by train, but I thought it would need a lot of money, until Ι started searching on internet and realized that there are so many cheap options! Discovering Europe by train has existed for over three decades, but it remains one of the most popular ways to visit Europe! Many Europeans prefer to travel by train rather than by plane for many reasons. One of the main motivation is that is much cheaper

What is travelling truly about – Part I

 I wanted for some time to post an article on this topic, but I guess the meaning of travelling reveals itself in time and with the accumulation of more experiences. Therefore, I decided to split this post over several articles and thus to try to capture as many opinions as possible. In this first article, I decided to post, with her permission, an e-mail that my friend Laura sent me while visiting China. I think she describes perfectly the feelings

The Vietnam experience

There are three stages in getting to know Vietnam. The first one started when I got off the airport taxi, in downtown Saigon at 2 in the morning. You feel like you don’t have enough eyes to see everything, to watch out for everything nor to acknowledge every blinking light and the truth is you don’t. The first night in Vietnam is all about the air vibrating, about the music of the omnipresent high heels (and short skirts), the clinking

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