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To follow or not to follow your dream

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” while listening to one of your professors in university giving a lecture? Do you ever have second thoughts about whether you’ve chosen the right path? Although there are no precise studies about the number of people who are following a university directly related to their skills and passions, there are some estimations suggesting that only about 27% of young people are currently working in the field they

What is the most appropriate job for me?

This is one of the most important questions that every young person faces to while thinking about his/her future. The answer is difficult and sometimes wrong. The statistics show the tendency that many young Europeans are not satisfied with their jobs. Why does this happen? Some blame the education system, others – the economy situation and thirds – the employers. Probably this happens because when you are young you are not always aware of the opportunities you have or maybe

We are a resource, not a problem!

Members of FutureLab Europe provide the perspective of young people on the current crisis Europe’s youth has been hit hard by the economic crisis. Unprecedented levels of youth unemployment, emigration and disaffection have earned Europe’s current cohort of young people the unenviable label: “lost generation”. But what does this really mean? Detailed reports from 24 European countries – EU-Members as well as Non-EU-Countries – compiled by FutureLab Europe indicate how young Europeans perceive their situation. The experience of the economic


Nowadays, we live in a world full of changes in all aspects of life due to one of the most serious economic recessions ever existed. A highly affected sector is the labor market. We all know to what extent unemployment level across Europe has increased and how negatively this situation impacted unemployed people’s psychology and perspectives. Such has been the distance between the demand and the offer of employment that enterprises have set very strict criteria when it comes to

Positive attitude towards unemployment

Facing a long period of unemployment can be both financially and emotionally draining. For most people, losing their job is not just the loss of income but also can be the loss of an “identity” as well as a major embarrassment. Personally, I have experienced a very hard time for the last 2 years that I can’t find a job. However, after the first shock and depression status I’ve been through, after I literally lost my smile and joy and

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