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Development of the Europe

So as to see the differences of the periods of the Europe´s history it is necessary to commemorate the fundamental events in its development which had an ineffaceable influence on Europe´s historical flow. The great events such The Second World War and the subsequent political regime held in the Soviet Union stigmatized successive political, cultural and economical development of its countries. World War I (1914-1918), broked out by austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand´s assassination which later spread worldwide, brought 15 millions

EuroNews 02-2007, Euroboard – News from Europe

Denial, son forbidden in Europe? Until summer 2007 the denial of the Holocaust and other genocides as well as the agitation of racism should be forbidden throughout Europe. A planned EU-decision intends to work against racism and fascism. The planned punishments of the denial of historical facts are controversial. Up to now the denial of the Holocaust is punishable only in nine of 27 EU states, namely in: Germany, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

EuroNews 02-2007, European Capital of Culture 2007

Welcome to Sibiu/Hermannstadt Sibiu/Hermannstadt in Romania was appointed together with the city of Luxembourg to be the European cultural capital (CCE) of 2007 after final vote of the minister’s of culture council of the European Union on the 27th May, 2004. Sibiu/Hermannstadt with a multicultural profile of the 800 year-old city stresses the motto “City of Culture – City of Culture”. Sibiu/Hermannstadt was always considered as a city of culture and art and it is the cultural capital of Romania

EuroNews 01-2007, Euroboard

News from the Internet 1. Knowledge Contest “Lidice for 21st Century” Lidice Memorial, an allowance organization of the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic and the Military Historical Institute Prague would like to announce the 2nd year of the knowledge contest “Lidice for 21st Century”. The patronage over the contest was taken over by the minister of Culture of Czech Republic and the minister of Education, Youth and Physical Training. The contest is for children and youth from the whole

EuroNews 11-2006, Euroboard

From Austria: History Tree Europe The history tree Europe has many branches named Germany, Poland, France, Culture, Politics, Church and many more. The roots symbolize the shared origin of the countries and regions. A poster of the history tree is already used in Austrian classrooms. Historians say that it is now easier to gain knowledge about the European history and the connections within Europe. http://www.geschichtsbaum.com Anne-Frank-Museum in Berlin The permanent exhibition “Anne Frank here & today“ can bee seen in

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