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EuroNews 12-2006, The 1st edition of the Romanian Youth Parliament

150 Romanian young citizens (18 to 26 years old) tried for 3 whole days – November 24th – 26th 2006 – to do their best while playing the demanding roles of young deputies. The entire event was organized by the non-governmental organization “Asociatia Pro Democratia” in collaboration with the Chamber of Deputies, having as location the House of the People from Bucharest (the headquarters of the real Parliament and the 2nd largest building in the world after the Pentagon). Its

EuroNews 08-2006, Summer Voyages …

… with Art Summer is almost over and it is time to remember best memories and good moments we had spend abroad. Every one has something precious, a little thing that evocates the vacation, a stone from the beach, sand captured in a bottle or a shell at the window. These details make us happy and every time we glance at them, we alive our summer story. They keep a secret, mine, yours, or anybody else’s who had them, and

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