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E-books vs Paperbacks

Writing has been a part of the human history for thousands of years and it has developed greatly throughout the time. We are now living in a time where the books are existing together with e-books. The new medium may be controversial at first to some people as there are some aspects against the e-book. However, there are more and more people adopting e-books and even preferring it to paperbacks. The e-books are very useful for a true booklover as

Books and Radio together

I have always seen reading books as quite a personal moment. Just you and the text in front of you. You decide the pace of reading. You stop for some breaks for consideration. You choose the right book and the right time for reading. And you are reading the particular book! I have heard of book reading on the radio as well as audio books but I have never given a try to any of them. The thought of having

Book on paper or book on screen?

When you have seen and enjoyed a film or a TV programme that has been made from a famous book, you may decide to read the book. Then what happens? You get the book and, it’s more likely, you get a shock as well! You turn ten or twenty pages, and nothing seems to happen. Where are all the lively people and exciting incidents? In the end you will probably throw the book aside and give it up. Now, why