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Part II The Balkans – “WATCH! THINGS GET STOLEN” BULGARIANS – “which are in reality Gypsies and Turks and Tatars, but all other Slavs are Bulgarians” “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you how to go to the hospital.” – Tourist point of view on Bulgarian cuisine You know you are Bulgarian when: 1. You’re married with kids and your mother still insists on cooking for you. 2. You sport the latest Nike and Adidas outfits but have

Intercultural night, 07 November 2010

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and their customs: all together on Sunday night. We had a great time, we learnt weird Czech words and danced on Polish music. At last, we were really lucky sharing the same table with the Portugals, cause we could eat round cheese and all the olives they got. Do not forget about the German big stuff, called HARIBO – I freaked them out, sorry guys! – It was interesting to: •   

EuroNews 02-2007, From Greece: Comments on the EU

Fifty years after the creation of the European Communities System, Europe’s role as a world actor has obviously changed a lot! Today we belong in a common area not only in geographical terms but mainly in economical and political terms. The spirit of this action was to unite the different European nations into a common world and this could be achieved better through trade and economy. The common European market focuses on the principle of liberty, of not only goods

EuroNews 01-2007, Editorial

Actually, the New Year started quite well. The European Union welcomes two new members states on the first day of 2007, namely Bulgaria and Romania. The first elections in Europe were in Serbia this year. The election stabilised the democratic forces there. This is already a success. Still, this alone is not sufficient, of course. And everybody who would like to know what young Europeans expect for themselves and their countries this year should read the EuroNews. Numerous articles from

EuroNews 12-2006, Euroboard

Arson attack on the documentation centre The documentation centre for Nazi forced labour in Schöneweide has now been the subject of a total of two arson attacks. Incendiary mixtures were thrown on to the site and stars of David and swastikas were painted on one of the doors. The documentation centre was inaugurated at the end of August. It is the first memorial to NS forced labourers in Berlin. From 1943 to 1945, Italians, Russians, Belgians and women from Ravensbrück

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