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Participation is young

First swims in the waters of European society – a youth’s case Young people in an ageing continent; This could probably be a general sentence covering the situation of modern European society. So, although Europe is usually being referred to as the old continent, there is no denial that the young part of its population is of great number and, to my mind, also of great potential. Despite that though, during the last years an abstention of that promising group

European (?) Capital of Culture

European Parliament

In this crisis times and after 50 years of the European Union project come into existence, how can the young Europeans reinforce their sense of belonging to a union that seems more utopic every day? Against all the nationalistic movements created on this times how can an event like the European Capital of Culture trigger a sense of citizenship all over Europe? Especially when in geographic and practical terms the event’s consequences are measured at a local or national level.

A great family – Europe

Every day we hear talking about the “European Citizenship”, but I wonder how many of us really understand this concept. It may be too complex or too simplistic, but I consider really necessary for every single person to understand this topic, in order to achieve a sense of belonging. While the EU is neither a state nor is it expected to turn into one in the future, European citizenship policy has always been linked to particular, albeit differing ways of