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Culture in Portugal

Portuguese people are among the UE citizens with lower culture activity. A Eurobarometer study shows us that portuguese people are the UE citizens with lower rates in the participation of culture activities and Portugal is the country with the biggest lack of interest in reading. According to this survey more that 70% of the citizens didn’t went to the cinema for the past 12 months. Going to the theatre also does not make part of the plans of most portugueses, 87% said

Who has the time?

The notion of time and time keeping is nowadays so deeply rooted in our reality that we seldom stop and wonder how this time business started in the first place. Why do we keep track of time and how have we become so time-addicted? The Benedictine rule introduced into Western culture the idea of regulated time, for Benedict believed that every waking minute should be consumed by labor either physical or spiritual. The monastic community was regulated by an uncompromising

Madrid, culture and crisis

Madrid has been for a long time a city connected with culture. After Franco’s dictatorship, a new cultural movement began in the city, La Movida Madreliña, changing minds and opening new ways of culture: more independent and mixed. During these years, new musicians, printers, writers and other kind of artists created a new concept of culture and therefore grow new young and modern culture centers around some quarters of the capital of Spain. Some of them were occupied for young

European (?) Capital of Culture

European Parliament

In this crisis times and after 50 years of the European Union project come into existence, how can the young Europeans reinforce their sense of belonging to a union that seems more utopic every day? Against all the nationalistic movements created on this times how can an event like the European Capital of Culture trigger a sense of citizenship all over Europe? Especially when in geographic and practical terms the event’s consequences are measured at a local or national level.

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