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Single-party systems and two-party systems

Although the term single- party system is controversial (a system implies on having certain relations between different units), it nervertheless aids in differing political systems, where on the one hand, a party enjoys power through politically eliminating its opponents and on the other hand, there is lively competition between several parties. Since monopolistic parties function as constant governments, they nearly always lead to a state apparatus. Regarding single- party systems, we can distinguish two different types. The first kind of

More crisis, less democracy?


In the last few years when the world mass media refer to Greece there is only one theme; the financial crisis. Reporters and analysts discuss for long about unemployment rate, austerity measures and budget cuts. But is it all about money? In Greece, there is the sense that the crisis except economy has affected democracy in a very negative way. Recently, the government shut down suddenly the Public Broadcaster (ERT). It was a pointless decision since ERT was a profitable

CL!CK About It

Cl!ck is a photography contest about the changing world, which aims at creating a mosaic of images from all over the world that would portray the local communities and their peoples struggle to survive through the motion. The official theme is: Crisis and disaster. Professional photographers and well as amateurs can send photos that capture natural disasters, political up rises, conflict, financial crisis, development crisis, urban life and climate change. Two awards will be given, one for pros and one

Generation 1992 to the main stage please!

The European Commission has launched a creativity contest through which young people that are exactly 20 years old can make their own vision about the European common market known. The contest is called Generation 1992 and it marks the passing of 20 years since the unique European market was established. Now the European market unites 27 countries and allows free circulation of merchandise, capital, people and services. The articles expected for submission should be from the following categories: education and

Spot on Human Rights

Where does it lead to, when important international events take part in countries where human rights are disregarded? Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2012 in Azerbaijan, UEFA championship 2012 in Ukraine, Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia and FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Currently the UEFA championship takes place in Poland and Ukraine and a few weeks ago the ESC was celebrated in Baku. The discussion on human rights connected to the host countries of events like that started again. In

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